Website Management is SIMPLE - isn't it?

That depends on the what aspect of the program: Website design? Obtaining a reliable hosting company? Site updates? Security? Online marketing? Offline marketing? Social media management and monitoring? Parts of it are easier than others, but for every single one there is still a learning curve and a time investment.

With FutuRealm, our team oversees all those segments – and more – to maximize your positive returns and reputation.

FutuRealm is as serious and dedicated about your online business as you are. Together, the goal is to expand a growing clientele, provide a strong and progressive social media presence for your business, and ensure a trustworthy online reputation.

That’s what we’re all about. Should you be looking for complete website management, leading edge techniques in pay-par-click (PPC) advertising, total Facebook management with targeted marketing – we’re here to help!

Here's what our team does for your business

Digital Marketing Company

TOTAL Service Website & Online Marketing Provider

Most businesses have wisely invested in having an online presence through website marketing, SEO and social media management, hoping for increased customer reach, high website traffic volume, and online customer attraction and interaction.

FutuRealm is your hassle-free solution for online services. From choosing a domain name and hosting on our secure servers to creating, marketing and managing a progressively designed and fully optimized website, we work directly with you to fit your online needs entirely! From the simplest online site to e-commerce and interactive websites, we work hard to provide a custom fit for your online presence.

Our years of website design and online marketing experience has allowed us to developed a unique method of blending your website, Facebook page, directory pages (Google+, Yelp, City Search, etc.) and direct marketing resources (Google Adwords, Yahoo Stream Ads, etc) into a targeted online traffic machine for your business.

Standard features on all EZ sites include the following:

  • Custom, fully optimized, all-device friendly website design.
  • One year domain name registration for your website (a $20.00 annual value)
  • One year FutuRealm Hosting services (a $119.00 value)
  • Unlimited email addresses and autoresponders (great for tracking)
  • Monthly statistical analysis of your website performance

There are no hidden charges with EZ Web Center. Your custom website package comes stocked full with every application you will need to enhance your online presence. Our packages include everything you need right from the start, so you know what you are getting for your hard earned dollars.

EZ Web Center websites are custom built to your specific requirements, so prices can vary depending upon required functionalities.

Website Design Myths vs. Facts

My brother/cousin/sister/friend/myself is going to do it.

We respect the do-it yourself attitude, as our roots are planted in the entrepreneurial spirit. SEO is not magic, and it can be done at home. However, most individuals do not have the expensive software, nor the hours of time that it takes to get a website listed on Google, nor do they have the experience or knowledge.

Unfortunately, what happens most of the time when people attempt to do SEO is that they misplace backlinks, take ill-advised shortcuts, and cause irreparable damage to their site that prevents them from getting ranked on ANY of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

In some cases, Google will actually block a website for a period of 12-36 months…so even your current customers can’t find you. Don’t force your website to climb out of the hole that inexperience digs.

Is your website exceeding your expectations? If not...let FutuRealm help!

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