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The reputation of your business is on the line

Social media among the fastest ways of getting you or your business noticed. Millions of people are logged on to Facebook at any given moment. Proper, professional setup and utilization of your Facebook page is an integral part of your reputation. In return, it offers connectivity and networking opportunities, low cost marketing avenues, and extends reach and recognition within a specific community, industry or organizations.

Social Media Management ensures your pages and profiles are active, professional and complimentary to your business.

Social media is a time-consuming commodity, requiring daily attention to maximize its potential. Your efforts to keep up with posts, ads, etc. may be delayed due to other life and businesses priorities (despite your good intentions). Leaving your social media identity unattended and blank invites an unfavorable impression for visitors, or worse yet…no impression at all.

Build, maintain and promote a solid Facebook page to ensure social media success. Hands-on experience in social media management lets us create a solid, proven strategies for increasing traffic and exposure to your Facebook page.

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What are your prices?

Our prices vary depending on the amount of competition in your specific business category – to give you a ballpark minimum it’s $499/month. Our prices are built on what it takes to get your website to the first page within 30-90 days.

With that being said, we ourselves are a small business and are willing to work within your budget to design and implement a campaign that still drives results. In addition, we work month-to-month – because we like seeing the results, too!

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